Perpule's Self-checkout revolution is improving retail store experience in 3 simple steps.

Being able to go into a store, grab what's needed, pay for it and leave without having to stand in billing lines is exactly the sort of shopping experience your customers are looking for. Perpule app enables that for you.
Perpule self-checkout helps reducing billing queues and cashiers staffing problems

Average checkout time of 20 minutes, which has been considered inevitable, is cut short to 2 minutes. Perpule app can handle about 2x more shoppers than any conventional single-operator check-out. This reduces the number of checkout lanes, commotion and cash pilferage at your retail store.

Shoppers will leave the store feeling a lot more comfortable, without any stress from long waiting time in queues.
More benefits of installing the Perpule cashless self-checkout solutions:
Staff Management
  • Allows for greater uptake of transactions during peak hours, without the need for any additional staff.
  • Enables your staff to tend to other tasks, such as, replenishment of stock, general up-keep of the area around the store etc.
Higher Customer Retention
  • Customers can choose the type of checkout they prefer. Perpule Mobile app, UltraPOS or Kiosk.
  • Provides a competitive advantage and builds customer loyalty.
Reduced Costs and Losses
  • Substantially lower business costs by avoiding high bank fees for lodging cash
  • Eliminates cash pilferage as all transactions are processed electronically.
  • Make maximum use of limited floor space.
Increase in customer retention
Higher average cart size
Lower checkout time
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India’s first innovator in retail technology
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The Perpule UltraPOS solution seamlessly integrates with the self-checkout solution
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Experienced personnel on-site to assist with installation and promotions
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24*7 hardware and software support

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